COSMOS is Malaysia's most professional white-label gambling platform, featuring genuine commitment and creative design.

समय: 25/10/2022   स्रोत: बेनामी   क्लिक न्यूम: 1079


COSMOS's main business includes international sports white-label gambling services, various national official lottery white-label gambling services, chess, and card white-label gambling services, as well as high-end brand customization. At present, the market dual-platform pure native APP.H5 mobile web version, while supporting multiple languages, has channels that can receive digital currency and boasts technologies like domain name anti-hijacking and so on.


COSMOS has a 24-hour technical team, a 24-hour customer service team, a big data risk control team, and a professional brand and operation team.


COSMOS integrated white-label gambling platform ranks among the top 5 in the industry, with more than 100,000 online members.


Withdrawals will arrive within 10 minutes.

About COSMOS's scope of lottery services


At present, COSMOS has covered 20 kinds of mainstream lottery services, such as welfare lotteries, sports lotteries, high-frequency lotteries, and football lotteries (Lucky Airship (Malta) Australia Lucky 10, Double Chromosphere, 3D, Seven Lotto, Seven Stars, Rank 5, Super Lotto, Rank 3, 11 out of 5, Every Color, Fast 3, Happy 8, Happy Poker, Happy Forecast, Keno Lottery, Competitive Football Lottery, Competitive Basketball Lottery, Football Lottery Single Game, Winning and Losing Lottery, Any Nine Games, Win or Lose).


According to the needs of customers, more kinds of lotteries will be added to provide perfect gambling auxiliary functions and services, including co-purchase, number chasing, machine selection, winning SMS notification, 24-hour customer service, etc.


COSMOS, a full-platform mobile client (iPhone, Android, Symbian v3/v5, Java Edition), has been launched to provide lottery players with a smooth purchase experience at any time.

COSMOS, one of the most advanced online gambling organizations in the world, is committed to providing a legal and regulated online gambling environment. In addition, COSMOS takes comprehensive safety precautions, employs refined technology, and ensures that its service is only available to eligible players.


Players in areas where online gambling is banned are not welcome.

COSMOS also uses the best encryption technology and firewall system available to protect clients security and privacy and ensure a fair game experience.


With enterprise-level encryption (1024-bit RSA key exchange and 448-bit blowfish), COSMOS can provide data with higher protection level than normal commercial-level SSL, which is now being used by major financial institutions around the world.


All banking transactions are conducted by international financial institutions in a network with high standards of security and confidentiality.


Players must also have a unique login ID and password to access an account profile.


COSMOS will never allow any fraudulent behavior on this website. Such behavior will result in the immediate closure of the account, the forfeiture of all winnings, and possibly civil and criminal proceedings against the player. COSMOS always puts the protection of the rights and interests of players first.


Customer-oriented service attitude


COSMOS aims to create a "secure and reliable," "instant and convenient," and "fair and just" entertainment service platform featuring high-quality and professional operation. Therefore, members can participate in fair, and just games unencumbered by time and space and enjoy the fun of interacting with players all over the world.


Upholding the customer-oriented attitude, COSMOS keeps carrying on development and innovation works and catering to the needs of customers. This is the business philosophy that COSMOS is proud of. To become a leading entertainment website, COSMOS has been creating new entertainment values and seeking multi-popularization.


Commendable business philosophy


Since our establishment, COSMOS has followed the CEO's philosophy: "Only innovation can lead the industry. Only service can sustain management".


COSMOS entered the entertainment business in 2022, relatively late in terms of the market at that time. However, under the leadership of the CEO and due to the adherence to the business philosophy of innovation and service, and "only self-created brands" can compete with the industry, COSMOS creates an entertainment website that is different from the general nowadays. Combining entertainment and live broadcasts, this website aims to "serve" all members. Some innovative concepts like setting tableside anchors and video viewing areas quickly bring COSMOS to the leading position in the industry.


Instead of indulging in complacency and slackness, COSMOS seeks to not only win the recognition of most members but also become the best choice for many agents.


The above achievements all testify to our commitment to innovation as well as our capacity to serve the customers well and lead the industry.


The birth of our online gambling platform will become a new milestone in the real entertainment industry.


Our core values


COSMOS not only has the best professional team but also actively recruits elite programmers from the Chinese mainland and Taiwan.


COSMOS adopts the cooperation model of establishment and education in various famous universities to provide training programs for talents, and bonuses and salaries for excellent ones, so that these talents can apply what they have learned after graduation and give play to their strengths. As a result, they have become the most fertile source of innovation.


In addition, the development department also has a group of online staff who devote themselves to the entertainment business, in which they respond to the needs of customers and communicate with the engineering team. With respect to this two-way communication, our products can be more diverse and truly close to the market, thus winning the trust of customers.

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